Our clients have enjoyed satisfaction with the solutions we have provided to them. We have provided smart yet easy solutions with flexibility of interface and reliability of data. We have continuously upgraded our qualities with each solutions we have provided.

Follwing is the list of our clients with details about services we have provided to them:

Samaldas Arts College

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• Student Enrollment System

Samaldas Arts College, Vidhyanagar, Bhavnagar,
V P Kapadiya Mahila College, Khargate, Bhavnagar,
L R Valia Arts & P R Maheta Commerce College, Vidhyanagar, Bhavnagar,
Kavishree Botadkar College, Botad,
Sir P P Institute of Science, Vidhyanagar, Bhavnagar,
PNR Shah College, Palitana, Dist. Bhavnagar,
M J College of Commerce, Vidhyanagar, Bhavnagar.

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Student Enrollment System

Design Point

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Web application to use on local computer to manage data related to building construction.

J C Kumarappa Colleges

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Bahubali Advisers

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Rajlaxmi Endeavour

Leela-Usha Mahila Utkarsh Trust

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Excel Crop Care

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Smt. V T Kevadia and Smt. D R Kikani Charitable Trust

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SVCCS.org - Swami Vivekanand College of Computer Science
SVHMC.org - Swami Vivekanand Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital
SVPGA.org - Swami Vivekanand Post Graduate Academy of Master of Social Working

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