We are providing custom solutions to fulfill the demand of the current IT requirements with satisfaction, security, reliability, assistance, latest technologies and professional quality at competitive rates.

Website Development

Website could be a major game changer for businesses. More and more people are using internet to gain access to vast amount of information and/or services. Marketing on internet puts the business to the global scope. You can monitor your business remotely using smart internet browsers.

We provide you an online platform to manage your business. Grow-up your business world wide using and developing customized web application/website. Give global view to your business by having a web portal, using which you can put your products & services online, expand your business and get more customers. With admin module, all your web contents are with you and you can update your site as and when you need.

Pros: Global availability to owners and their clients, flexibility, fast application updates, easy support.

Cons: Could be slow, internet connection required, could be costly at beginning.

Some examples of types of websites:

  • General info. website - Information about organization and its services, news & events, contact details.
  • Database driven web app - Online application for global availability to manage (store, retrieve and manipulate) data of routine office work.
  • E-commerce website - Online shop to sell goods/products. Receive payment by net banking, credit/debit card, and more.
  • Blog - A public web log (like diary!) to publish individual / organization's daily/regular activities. Good for sharing news, knowledge, thoughts, photos, music, videos, and receive comments on them.
  • Forum - A message board where users can have discussion on topics, help others, share knowledge.
  • Social network - For friendship, dating, marriage etc. to share photo, videos, music; to chat and send messages/emails; post status updates.

Desktop Application Development

User of web is increasing but still there are something which can (only) be better implemented by Desktop Software. Desktop Applications are for those who want to use it with a restricted environment, who need more privacy, who need speed, who need always availability.

Desktop Software solutions are for making business environments more convenient and effective. It helps making common business processes faster, error free and secure. It provides various reports with well organized information.

We provide best software solutions based on client's requirements. We believe user friendliness is one of the key things of software development, and we implement it accordingly using common sense for easy navigation and shortcut keys.

Pros: Restricted secure access, speedy data manipulations, high user friendliness.

Cons: Tied to the installed place, slow software updates, restricted support, less data portability, risk of malware/virus infection.

Website Designing

Website design is the most attractive part of a website for the users. Designing a website attractive yet simple and easy to understand is a hard task. There are many web browsers used by the internet users, and designing a website that looks the same on all of them is tough. But leave it to us. (However, we highly DIScourage of supporting old web browser versions.)

We show several designs to our clients. Clients may choose any of them and supply feedback to us to modify the design until they don't get satisfied. We follow the web standards when designing so that most browsers would render the website the same. Let your website shine using the latest features of CSS 3, HTML 5 and JavaScript/jQuery/jQuery-UI techniques.

Domain Registration and Web Hosting

After developing a website, it needs to be accessible to the internet users. Registration of suitable and available domain name and, getting space to keep the website's pages are required for this accessibility. Purchasing domain, purchasing web-space, configuring domain name and hosting service with each other, putting files on the server, database setup, setting up e-mail accounts, testing of correct working of the website, etc. are the task performed in these processes.

We don't have any reseller package for domain registration or web hosting because we decide and suggest the best suitable package from other resellers after looking at your requirements. Also, we only bill our clients for the registration charge, no charge for setup if we have developed the website. Our clients are given complete access to their website's content and all id & passwords (of domain account, control panel, FTP, email accounts, database etc.).

Website Banner/Ad and Logo Designing

Banners for websites could be either for your own website or to place them on other website for advertising purpose. We are providing excellent animated Flash banners as well as JavaScript, GIF (Animated/non-Animated), and static JPEG and PNG banners.

We are also providing logo design service. Using a logo to represent your business is a matter of trust and proud. Get a suitable, innovative and attractive logo for your business.

Student Project Guidance

We would like to share our knowledge with the students of various IT courses like BCA, MCA, BSc-IT, MSc-IT, BE-IT, PGDCA, Diploma in IT, DOEACC 'O' & 'A' Level, etc; to help them implement latest technologies in their academic projects and develop the projects with professional approach.

Students have choices to develop
• web application in PHP or ASP.NET (with VB.NET or C#.NET) and
• desktop application in VB.NET or C#.NET.

Students can work on the project at their convenient place. They are provided guidance; and technical/programming difficulties are solved throughout the project. They are guided to work professionally and are recommended to implement our profession patterns and methods. These will help students to work easily in professional environment when they get employed.

If any student is found having more-than-ordinary capability of application development, we would like to include him/her in our team; or if he/she want to work individually; we will allocate work whenever he/she require and found capable of.